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Aztec Walkover Rambler Sprayer’s Additonal Feature

The Aztec Walkover Rambler Sprayer: Our excellent sprayer made by Aztec has a new feature. Normally, the Rambler sprayer comes with the regular two nozzle spray system. But now you can get the Optional Spray Boom. The Rambler Spray Boom is an optional attachment that can be purchased separately. The Walkover part number is W2060.

Walkover Rambler Sprayer - now with 1.5 meter optional boom

Optional Spray Boom: When attached to the sprayer ( a simple changeover, taking the short spray bar off the Walkover Rambler Sprayer & connecting the longer one ) it increases the width of the spray path from 2 to 4 nozzles and sprays in excess of 1.5 metres wide, compared to 90cms on the standard spraybar.

Walkover Sprayers: What we love about the Walkover Sprayers is the exceptionally high quality with which they are made. All parts can be replaced which means your machine will last a very long time. The wheel powers the pump making this a truly people powered machine.


Day One: 2009 New England Grows Show

imgp00262009 Show Begins:
New England Grows has just begun, and the noise level has started to rise.  We are located in booth 2338, on an aisle corner next to an aborist and landscape company and across from Sheltertree.com. Sheltertree is drawing qutie a crowd. They have a man pulling himself up 10′ high using pulleys.

Most Popular Products : RolyPig Composter and SnoWovel
Two hours into the show, the most interest People Powered Machines has had has been in the Educational Rolypig Composter, the Sno Wovel Rolling Snow Removal Tool, and the Haaga push sweepers. There have  been some interest in the Walkover Sprayer, Smart Cart, and Brill Razorcut.

One surprise has been the number of school representatives who are here. People representing schools from all over New England are prominent at the show.

Feel the Pro-Environmental Vibe:


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