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We Have Spools For American Gardener Trimmer

Yes, People Powered Machines has spools for the American Gardener Trimmer, the Weed Eater, and the WLT 24 Line Trimmer/Edger. The spools are made by Original Power. Also called WRS24 Replacement Spool & Cutting Line. The American Gardener Trimmer is a high powered trimmer which operates from a battery.

Call 978 884 8156 to place your order for the Replacement Spool. Or go to http://www.peoplepoweredmachines.com/agtrimmer/index.html to place your order. Orders will ship within 24 hours of order placement.


Google’s Eco-friendly Weed Whackers: Goats!

No…Peoplepoweredmachines is not going into the goat business. But a customer sent us this info and it made our day. And we would rather you rent goats than use a gas powered mower any day.


Picture 33

They cost the same as a lawnmower and they’ll even throw in their special blend of self-produced fertilizer. Google has found a “low-carbon” way to keep the expansive lawns of its Googleplex trim ::

From Google’s Blog ::
“At our Mountain View headquarters, we have some fields that we need to mow occasionally to clear weeds and brush to reduce fire hazard. This spring we decided to take a low-carbon approach: Instead of using noisy mowers that run on gasoline and pollute the air, we’ve rented some goats from California Grazing to do the job for us (we’re not “kidding”). A herder brings about 200 goats and they spend roughly a week with us at Google, eating the grass and fertilizing at the same time. The goats are herded with the help of Jen, a border collie. It costs us about the same as mowing, and goats are a lot cuter to watch than lawn mowers.

google's goats!

google's goats!

Wonder why goats :: (from california grazing)

Goat grazing is a cost effective, ecologically sound way to clear land and promote growth of native grasses and beneficial plants, particularly for large acreages and difficult terrain. It has been proven to efficiently handle areas that are inaccessible or difficult to manage with mowers, areas where burns are inadvisable, and sensitive areas where the application of herbicides is not appropriate.

Our goats restore plant species that better clean the air, reduce water pollution, prevent the spread of fires, eliminate mower emissions, and fertilize while they graze!

California Grazing provides a grazing management system that not only cuts back on the weeds, but also helps native grasses to survive. The company calls their 800 goats “self propelled weed eaters.”

But Goats aren’t Ideal for Lawns::